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Cape Cod Engagement | Mayflower Beach

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When I boast that Mayflower Beach at Cape Cod is one of the most beautiful locations for an engagement session, I’m not exaggerating. This area has some of the most serene sunsets during the summer. At low tide, you can walk on the large tidal flats along the water for miles.

When Audra told me that she wanted me to be a part of hers and Mitchell’s wedding day, I was beyond excited! In talking with them on the phone, I could truly feel the love that these two have for each other. So naturally, when we were discussing a location for their engagement photos, Mayflower Beach at Cape Cod was the best choice! Their session took place in July, but surprisingly, it ended up being a very mild day.

Love and Laughter

Mitchell is a pilot and had a very busy day flying from Massachusetts to Georgia. They both got up very early, with Audra driving him to the airport. Audra worked a full day, picked Mitchell back up early that evening, and they met me at the Cape for their session. You never would have known that they both had been up since 3 AM!

We had to reschedule their session several times due to rain. However, the weather for this day was promising and we were finally able to meet! The entire day was so sunny and was supposed to be gorgeous that evening. However, when we arrived at the beach, a storm rolled through and could be seen in the distance. Even though we were disappointed to miss the sunset, we were blessed with a cool breeze, soft palate skies, and warm water. The sand at Mayflower Beach was the softest sand on which I have ever placed my feet in New England.

As we walked along the beach, I learned more about them and we all got to know each other really well. We all laughed and danced and crashed the waves together. Audra and Mitchell had so much fun just being themselves with each other. The love and laughter they share between one another was a testament to them as a couple. This session was truly one of the most memorable with two amazing people! I can’t to document their wedding day!

I absolutely love taking photos of my couples at Cape Cod. Please reach out and inquire about a date for your engagement session at the beach!


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