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Summer Engagement Session | New York City

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Sara and Pat’s engagement session in New York City was such a fun day! I hopped on a plane bright and early out of Boston, and made my way to New York City. In addition to showcasing the bustling life of this infamous town in their photos, we also explored the intimate side of New York. We walked all over the city, from the park and the busy city streets to some cozy front steps of a brownstone.

Sara and Pat originally started their love story when they met in Boston, MA. They later moved to New York City to start a life together. This city is the ultimate melting pot of our country. So many immigrants, including a lot of our own ancestors, moved to America to start a better life for themselves. It’s always fitting to see different kinds of people and activities going on around you.

We started their engagement session in Central Park. There were streets dancers, endless tourists and musicians lining the paths behind Sara and Pat. I had a sentimental moment myself, as an artist began playing my own wedding song on the violin. New York City is a place of artistry, love and magic. Every time I visit the city, I do my best to soak in all that it offers to those to allow it. In addition to including some greenery behind them, I made sure to capture the infamous New York City skyline in the background. And of course, it wouldn’t be an engagement session in New York City without including a yellow taxi!

The best thing about shooting an engagement session in New York City is that you can be out in public as much as you want or find a quiet street with no one around. You can include all of the sights and sounds of the city or strategically place your couple where it looks like they are the only ones there. We got a chance for some intimate photos on the steps in front of a brownstone and on a side street with just some cars.

Sara and Pat ended their engagement session with some photos next to the Hudson River and toasting to each other with drinks in a local pub. This engagement session in New York City with this adorable couple was such an amazing experience! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding! Congratulations Sara and Pat!

If you live in New York and want to schedule an engagement session with me, check my calendar to see if I have your date available!



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