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I am a marriage and motherhood photographer. I'm based in New Hampshire, but have had the privilege of photographing stories from all throughout the United States. When I'm not editing, you can find me binging my enjoying the outdoors or relaxing with my family. 

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Pat and Tasha at Higgins Beach | Maine Engagement

Working with Pat and Tasha during their engagement session in Maine was an absolute dream! When they reached out to me to schedule photos, I knew that this shoot was going to be magical! I remember how nervous they were when they walked onto the beach. They were so nervous in fact, they actually brought a flask of wine to help ease their nerves. Once Pat and Tasha felt more comfortable, it was time to start shooting! They totally crushed their session! You never would have known how nervous they were at the beginning. They became so natural in the front of the camera!

When I was planning this session, the weather forecast called for rain the entire time we would be shooting. However, Mother Nature cooperated, and their session ended up being absolutely gorgeous! There was actually a surfing competition that day at the beach. Tasha said she’d never seen so many people at the beach, let alone the surfers.

Pat and Tasha brought their little dog Hank with them. I’m honestly not sure who stole the show more that day, Pat and Tasha or Hank! While we walked along the beach for photos, Hank ran in and out of the ocean. He was such a good dog, and you could tell he was truly living his best life playing with the other dogs that day. I love including dogs in engagement sessions, especially at the beach in Maine!

Higgins Beach in Maine is very special place for Tasha. Her parents got engaged here almost forty years ago. When I asked her where she wanted to shoot their photos, Higgins Beach was the only place she had in mind. During their session, Tasha talked about her parents’ relationship and how really meaningful this beach is for her. She was so excited to compare her photos to her mom’s!

We all laughed, played, ran, and walked in the ocean and the sky produced one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever photographed. They celebrated their engagement and finishing their session by popping a bottle of champagne. The countdown has officially begun for their wedding this summer! I can’t believe July is almost here!

Congratulations Pat and Tasha! Your wedding is going to be spectacular!

March 23, 2022


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I'm marriage and motherhood photographer based in New Hampshire, but is available for world-wide travel.


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