A Lakeside Love Story: Wedding at Camp Asquam, New Hampshire

June 17, 2024


Kate and Billy’s wedding was nothing short of magical, set against the backdrop of Camp Asquam by the serene Lake Squam in New Hampshire. This family camp, rich in history and cherished memories, served as the perfect location for their intimate yet grand celebration. A Lakeside Love Story: Kate and Billy’s Wedding at Camp Asquam, New Hampshire beautifully captures the essence of their special day.

A Special Start to the Day

Kate began her wedding day surrounded by her closest loved ones in a charming family home. Her mother and sister, along with a few of her dearest, joined her for a morning filled with laughter, joy, and heartfelt moments. The familiar comfort of the family home added an extra layer of warmth to the day, as they helped her prepare for the ceremony. This intimate setting was the perfect start, highlighting the deep bonds and cherished relationships that mean so much to Kate.

A Ceremony Steeped in Tradition

Kate and Billy chose to say their vows at the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, a venue that perfectly complemented their wedding’s classic, traditional, and timeless style. Surrounded by over 200 guests, they exchanged their vows in a beautiful ceremony that set the tone for the day.

A Grand Entrance

After the ceremony, the couple made a memorable exit in a classic blue Bel Air, adding a touch of vintage charm to their special day. This stylish departure was just the beginning of a celebration that beautifully blended tradition with personal touches.

The History of Camp Asquam

Camp Asquam holds a special place in Kate and Billy’s hearts. Once a bustling summer camp from 1917 to 1967, it’s now a beloved family retreat. Kate’s grandmother served as the camp director, and her mother was a camper there, creating a deep-rooted family connection.

Unique Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour was a unique experience, with appetizers served from a canoe, paying homage to the camp’s lakeside setting. Guests enjoyed the beautiful surroundings while mingling and savoring delicious bites, a prelude to the evening’s festivities.

Thoughtful Decorations

The reception was a testament to Kate and Billy’s attention to detail and love for their guests. Instead of traditional party favors, they provided thoughtfully crafted baskets for each of their guests. The tables were adorned with blue printed tablecloths and runners, complemented by blue water glasses. Each table was uniquely named after the camp’s cabins, adding a personal touch that celebrated their family’s history.

The theme colors of lake blue, navy, and ivory beautifully captured the natural beauty of Camp Asquam and the lake. The wedding embraced the camp’s charm, creating a setting that was both elegant and down-to-earth.

Joyous Reception

The reception was a joyous occasion filled with laughter, good food, and dancing. The blues and whites of the decor reflected the lake’s beauty, while the family-forward atmosphere highlighted the special memories shared by everyone present. Kate and Billy’s love for their family and friends was evident in every detail, showcasing their appreciation and gratitude.

Kate and Billy’s wedding was not just a union of two people, but a beautiful merging of families and traditions. Their celebration at Camp Asquam was a testament to love, family, and the enduring memories that make life truly special

Inspiration and Advice

The inspiration for their wedding day was deeply rooted in Camp Asquam, Kate’s grandmother, and the family traditions that have kept the camp alive. The natural beauty of the lake and the memories of growing up there played a significant role in creating a day that was both nostalgic and forward-looking. Sharing this special place with Billy marked the beginning of their next chapter together.

Kate and Billy’s advice for future couples: “Take a deep breath and pace yourself. There is a lot to plan at the beginning and at the end, but make sure to enjoy all of the happiness and celebration in between!”

Kate and Billy’s wedding was a day to remember, a celebration of love, family, and the timeless beauty of Camp Asquam.


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