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My passion for photography was born out of a desire never to let precious moments slip away. I've come to understand that the most valuable moments don't announce themselves with fanfare; they whisper quietly and pass by unnoticed, leaving only memories in their wake. It's in the laughter shared over a family dinner, the tender glance exchanged between loved ones, the quiet contemplation of a sunset - these are the moments that weave the tapestry of our lives. And it's these moments that I am passionate about capturing for you.

You deserve to hold onto those moments, to relive them whenever you want. It's about you and your story, and I'm here to help you capture and preserve those beautiful moments for a lifetime.

a wife, mom and dog lover



audrey & austin

On the big day, you gave me so much comfort. I had so much anxiety and overstimulation. your kind words and stories were so calming! I'm so thankful for your organization and keeping us all on task. Besides all of this, you're a super women. We can't thank you enough!

'"on the big day, you gave me so much comfort."


caswell farm, me

katherine & ryan

We were SO happy with our wedding photos. You were great at going along with the flow of the day and our nontraditional schedule of things. Kept up with us downtown pregnant AND after getting a parking ticket! The photos were exactly what we wanted. We got great photos in some of our favorite places in Portland and had a wonderful time with you.

"the photos were exactly what we wanted


portland, maine


wedding location

kind words from past clients

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